About us

In April of 2017, we opened our Bake Shoppe in Lakewood, NJ with the goal of creating high end desserts and pastries that taste as good as they look. At The Cookie Corner, we make everything from scratch using only the finest ingredients. We serve pastries such as tarts, eclairs, french macarons, gourmet cupcakes, and more. We are famous for our heavenly and sinful cinnamon buns. 

We also customize desserts to coordinate with event color schemes, such as centerpiece cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, cake donuts and more. We work along with event planners and caterers to create unforgettable sweet tables and desserts. 

In December of 2017, we opened our location at Rockland Kosher Supermarket in Monsey, NY. Our display cases are situated within the cafe (near the sushi) and carries most of our miniature selection. 

The Cookie Corner is under the strict kosher supervision of the KCL and CRC Hisachdus. All of our items are Pareve and Yoshon.